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Geda 500Z/ZP
Transport platform

The GEDA 500 Z/ZP has the same platform dimensions as the 500z, but with the addition of a roof it can be used a transport platform for up to 5 people and materials up to 500kg. In goods only mode it can carry a generous 850kg. Using the same triangular section steel mast as the 500z, with generous 1400mm x 1600mm load platform with multiple loading options, the 415v powered unit can lift up to 100m. The base unit can be fitted with a half height or full height base enclosure to ensure operators and other site workers are kept at a safe distance. The base unit can also be delivered to site on its bespoke trailer or for those awkward deliveries we can arrange for a lorry crane delivery.

Load Capacity: 500kg/5 persons or 850kg goods only
Speed: 12m/min as transport platform or 24m/min goods only
Max mast height: 100m max
Power requirement: 5.5kW 415V
Load platform size: 1.6m x 1.4m x 1.1m L/W/H
Base enclosure size: 2.8m x 3m
Max wind speed for operation: 72km/h