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Inclined hoists from GEDA have been produced for decades. Their reliability makes them a favourite transport device for roofers and construction workers

These inclined aluminium hoists have already proved their worth in various applications for different kinds of projects thousands of times. They are easy, quick and reliable transport units for interior work, refurbishment construction or repairs on flat roof buildings. GEDA can offer the appropriate load receptacle for any kind of building materials and any kind of use. With a hoisting speed of 30m/min your load can be from ground level to the top of the scaffold before you can, save time and effort by using a GEDA hoist.

The GEDA Lift 250 Comfort is a favourite with roofers able to reach up to 19m but attach a board carrier and it’s the dry liners best friend. These hoists are so adaptable you can move almost anything that you can fit on the load platform. The 110v power supply, automatic limit switches and integral carriage safety brake makes these hoists site friendly and safe.

The load bearing capacity depends on the inclination as well as their total length, as Total Hoist Solutions use the reinforced sections so even at 19m these hoists will safely lift an impressive 125kg

Load Capacity: 200kg max, variable depending on angle/length
Speed: 30m/min
Max mast height: 19m to eaves
Power requirement: 1.3kW 110V
Load platform size:
      Universal platform 1.45m x 0.3m x 0.8m L/W/H
      Board carrier 0.5 to 1.6m wide adjustable
Max wind speed for operation: 45km/h
Duty cycle: 60%